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Topic:  Much Ado About Testing: Trends, Insights and Help For Your Students

Matt Steiner, Senior Director | Outreach, Compass Education Group
*Reminder: As with all PACAC presentations, the inclusion of any presenter (vendor, college, etc.) is not an endorsement by PACAC or any representative thereof.*

When: Wednesday, December 5th, 11am-12:30pm EST **1.5 hours

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After attending this workshop, you will:

  • Be up-to-date on all the latest news and trends in college admission testing.
  • Have your questions answered: Is one test date harder? Which colleges are now requiring what? Is adding the essay worth it? What’s the right testing plan? How much of a score increase is reasonable to expect? And more.
  • Be able to confidently guide your students and families through the testing maze and provide them with free, helpful resources.
  • Have learned best practices from other participants. (Come prepared to share your knowledge and resources!)
  • Receive a Certificate of Attendance to submit for ACT 48 credit through your district/IU. (Note: you must be registered and logged in to the Online Workshop individually for the entire hour and a half to receive the certificate.)

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The Pennsylvania Association For College Admission Counseling is not a provider of ACT 48 credits. However, the association provides Certificates of Attendance (COA) for those who complete our professional development programs. For the financial aid online workshop, for example, a COA indicating 1.5 credit hours will be provided for attendees who complete the entire online workshop. The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires a minimum of 3 credit hours for PD opportunities. Some districts/Intermediate Units may bundle multiple certificates to award credit hours. Please contact your school district and/or intermediate unit regarding submission of these certificates.