Programs & Events

The Professional Development Committee for PACAC works to provide a variety of professional development opportunities across Pennsylvania for admissions professionals at all levels.  Learn, network and grow in the admission counseling field by participating in numerous professional development events, including our:

Most events are open to non-members, though PACAC members receive discounts to attend.  PACAC provides financial support to attend PACAC professional development opportunities through the Counselor Assistance Program.


The Pennsylvania Association For College Admission Counseling is not a provider of ACT 48 credits. However, the association provides Certificates of Attendance (COA) for those who complete our professional development programs. For the financial aid online workshop, for example, a COA indicating 1.5 credit hours will be provided for attendees who complete the entire online workshop. The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires a minimum of 3 credit hours for PD opportunities. Some districts/Intermediate Units may bundle multiple certificates to award credit hours. Please contact your school district and/or intermediate unit regarding submission of these certificates.


View the calendar for upcoming events.