Mentorship Program

Program Description

One of the biggest benefits to being a PACAC member is utilizing the amazing resources that our collective membership has to offer.  This has often been done in many informal ways, and we are thrilled to announce the introduction of the Mentorship Program to allow for a more formal way to pass on career and professional guidance to those who are seeking that support.

The Mentorship Program is thoughtfully designed to cater to individuals at every stage of their professional journey. Whether you're seeking guidance from someone who shares your unique experiences, aiming to advance in your leadership journey, or considering a career transition, the program is here to support you through individual or collective mentorship. We understand and respect the diversity of your professional needs.

Mentors will rely on their previous mentorship experiences, but they will also learn and grow through various workshops, readings, and research analyses on the mentorship process.  All those who participate will be asked to give regular feedback on their experiences.


Everyone who participates in the PACAC Mentorship program is expected to be fully engaged in order for the program to have its desired outcome:  passing on valuable knowledge and experience to our colleagues.  The program expects solid communication and to provide as much flexibility as possible when scheduling conversations.  As in all things PACAC, we know and understand that participation in the program is on a volunteer basis, so if anyone cannot meet the expectations and needs of the group, we understand and hope you can simply communicate that with us.


  • To initially lead scheduling of conversations with individuals or groups
  • To listen, help, and understand the desired outcomes of the mentee
  • To meet at least every two months with mentee(s)
  • To engage in professional development throughout the year to be an even stronger mentor
  • To communicate with the Mentorship Program when a mentee is not engaging with you
  • To provide feedback on the strengths and needs of the program


  • To take over scheduling conversations with your mentor throughout the year
  • To clearly communicate your goals with your mentor
  • To receive feedback with an open mind and reflect honestly
  • To follow through on discussion points or ideas discussed during conversations
  • To meet at least every two months with your mentor
  • To provide feedback on the strengths and needs of the program
The program will run on an annual basis with the inaugural sign up period running from June 15 through July 7, 2024.  We fully hope that relationships form and last more than one year, and there will be options to continue on with mentors/mentees past the initial year period.  We will make every effort to help identify and find mentors for individuals who do not sign up during the initial time period, so that they will not have to wait to engage in the program!

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]!