PACAC College Access Forum
     Monday, May 18th 
    Thursday, May 20th

"If you don't do it, who will?" - Ron Cowell,
President of Education Policy and Leadership Center, Advocacy Leadership Credential session one

Each year our colleagues come together for a day of discussions on current and future college access issues in Pennsylvania. The Forum’s professional development and training sessions give participants:

  • An introduction to legislative policy in straightforward terms
  • The ability to better understand the issues
  • Preparation for “walking the hill” (meeting with state representatives)
  • Inspiration to support policies and promote postsecondary options to students
  • PACAC College Access Forum and PACAC Legislative Action Days are free to attend

Led by representatives from the Governor’s Commission on Education, Senate and House Education Committee members, and other education policy leaders in Pennsylvania, past sessions have covered state and national perspectives on college access and success, model programs and regional concerns.

For more information, contact Dave DeBor at [email protected] or call 412-268-2082.