President's Welcome

Greetings and welcome to the Pennsylvania Association for College Admission Counseling (PACAC) website!  PACAC is an outstanding volunteer organization that provides support, education, and professional development to those who help students to seek postsecondary opportunities as well as supporting students and their families directly.  Whether you are a longtime member of our Association, new to the profession, or just visiting, I hope that you find the resources on this site helpful.

I’m honored to serve as President of PACAC during the 2021-2022 academic year.  As I reflect on the past year preparing for this role, I can’t help but take note of how much our jobs, and our world, have changed in the last year.  We’ve collectively faced a series of crises this past year – from the COVID 19 pandemic that brought both public health and financial crises; to continued examples of our nation’s ongoing reckoning with our history of inequity, exclusion, and social injustices; to political discourse that has often failed to find common ground and has, at times, tested the very health of our democracy – that have also had lasting, meaningful, and unique impacts on each of us as individuals.  I hope that during these unsettled times you found time to practice self-care, to support your families and loved ones, and have found support within your communities, including our Association.

I’m proud of our collective accomplishments this past year on behalf of students as they consider and transition into post-secondary education.  The talented and dedicated volunteers of this Association reinvented the way we serve our members (and professionals beyond our membership) and students.  This work was highlighted by, but not limited to a virtual conference that reached 360+ registrants that built off our experience as one of the first NACAC affiliates to hold a virtual conference last year; an amazing year of professional development opportunities including the Promoting Inclusivity & Equity Lunch & Learn series, comprising of eight opportunities available at no-charge to all professionals in our field interested in investing in their own growth as diversity, equity, and inclusion advocates; expanded Counselor Assistance Program (CAP) Grant eligibility to subsidize membership costs for professionals without institutional support; and college fair programming that transitioned to virtual formats, reaching over 6,000 student registrants and providing recorded on-demand content.

This year, we’ll seek to build upon the successes of virtual programming as a complement and counterpart to the in-person programming that we are all anxious to return to, expanding access to professionals and students we’ve been able to reach for the first time this past year.  We’ll maintain our commitments to center diversity, equity, and inclusion from this past year, a commitment that cannot be a commitment for only a moment in time.  We can’t just say that this work is important, we have to demonstrate it through our actions today and tomorrow.  To show, through those actions, how decisions we make about practices and policies can be springboards towards equity and inclusion, about which Dr. Taluson spoke during our keynote address at last year’s Annual Conference.

I look forward to continuing to partner with each of our volunteers on behalf of our 1,200+ members and the students they serve.  If you work in our profession and are not a member of PACAC, please consider joining!

On behalf of the Presidential Stream, the Executive Committee, and our membership we are happy to you found us and hope to see and hear from you soon.  If you have any questions please feel free to use the resources on this website to reach out to a member of our leadership team.

Best regards,

Justin J. Mohney
[email protected]

Justin Mohney