17th Annual PACAC College Access Forum

Educational Session: Sunday, May 19 2024
Harrisburg Hilton, Harrisburg PA

Meetings with Representatives: Monday, May 20 2024
Pennsylvania State Capitol, Harrisburg PA

Each year our colleagues come together for a day of discussions on current and future college access issues in Pennsylvania. The Forum’s professional development and training sessions give participants:

  • An introduction to legislative policy in straightforward terms
  • The ability to better understand the issues
  • Preparation for meeting with state representatives
  • Inspiration to support policies and promote postsecondary options to students
  • PACAC College Access Forum is free to attend

Led by education policy leaders in Pennsylvania with extensive knowledge on the barriers facing our students at the secondary and post-secondary levels, past sessions have covered state and national perspectives on college access and success, model programs and regional concerns.

Please note that this year’s event is limited to 20 participants to best serve the mission of the College Access Form: to promote round-table discussions about real, current issues facing our students. If you are not able to attend this year’s Forum, please do not register for the event. If your plans change, and you are not able to attend this year’s Forum after registration, please immediately notify Erin Mehta so that we can reach out to interested members on the waitlist.

Please use the website below to identify your legislator to schedule your meeting with him or her for Monday, May 20! We will walk over as a group in the morning before individual meetings and use the information from Sunday’s Forum to advocate in person! Thank you for participating in this year’s College Access Forum, and for all the work you do on behalf of our students.



To register for one or both days, please click here.

The College Access Forum counts towards the Advocacy Leadership Program; a Capstone Project would still need to be completed.

Act 48 Credits will also be available (upon request) to those who complete the College Access Forum.

For more information, contact Erin Mehta at [email protected].