The responsibilities of the Treasurer-Elect include:

  • Work with the Chair of Finance and Budget on preparing the PACAC budget
  • Work with the Executive Assistant in preparing Operating Expenses and NACAC budgets
  • Review, with the treasurer, the monthly budget reports and investment statements
  • Present the treasurer report in the absence of the treasurer
  • Serve on the CAP Grant Committee and help to document funding
  • Serve on the Scholarship Review Committee
  • Progress to the position of Treasurer for one year, followed by the position of Chair of Finance & Budget for one year
  • Special Projects as assigned by Finance & Budget Chair


Estimated Time Commitment for Treasurer-Elect:

Executive Committee Member  [5 days per year]
PACAC Conference  [4 days per year]
Finance and Budget Committee Meetings  [4 days per year]
Planning and preparation  [8 days per year]