The responsibilities of the President-Elect include :

  • Attend all Executive Committee meetings and, in the absence of the President, preside at any official PACAC function
  • Succeed to the office of the President in the event of an early vacancy in that office and then continuing to serve the normal term as President
  • Serve as Ex-officio member of all PACAC committees except Governance & Nominating; attend select meetings to understand committee challenges, present issues, or priorities
  • Serve as a member and advisor to the Conference Planning Committee
  • Serve as a delegate to the NACAC Assembly
  • Serve as a member of the Finance & Budget Committee
  • Represent PACAC at the NACAC Leadership, Engagement, and Development program (LEAD), Affiliate Presidents Council Meetings, and other NACAC related events when appropriate
  • Assist the President with the goals and objectives of PACAC
  • Assist in development and implementation of professional development opportunities for the general membership and the Executive Committee
  • Assure, in concert with the President and Immediate Past President, PACAC representation and involvement in other allied Associations
  • Participate, as requested, in other state and regional conferences
  • Serve the next term as President, the following year as Immediate Past President and Chair of the Governance and Nominating Committee
  • Participate in the annual PACAC College Access Forum and any Legislative Action Days
  • Coordinate training for new Executive Committee members at the annual PACAC conference
  • Monitor the Association’s data collection in the Google Suite. Remind committee chairs to input data from their committee’s events and activities.  Data should include membership information, event attendance, and other relevant information.
  • Chair the Counselor Assistance Program (CAP) Grant Committee (see committee description p. 32)
  • Assist the President in insuring the Executive Committee’s work is directed towards achieving the goals set forth in PACAC’s Strategic Plan
  • Appoint Executive Committee members to fill open slots during the upcoming presidential year
  • Executive Committee responsibilities as laid out on page five of Leadership Handbook

Estimated Time Commitment for President-Elect:

Presidents Council / Executive Committee Member; 7 days per year
NACAC Conference; 5 days per year
PACAC Conference; 3 days per year
Conference Planning Committee Meetings; 4 days per year
PACAC College Access Forum; 2 days per year
NACAC LEAD, Affiliate Presidents Council Meetings; 8 days per year
Planning and preparation; 14 days per year