At-Large Delegate

The responsibilities of the At-Large Delegate to the PACAC Executive Committee include:

  • Serve on the PACAC Governance & Nominating Committee
  • Identify general membership concerns
  • Lead or serve on any ad hoc committee designated by the President to address identified concerns; provide updates to the Executive Committee
  • Serve voluntarily on a standing committee of choice
  • Serve as alternate delegate to the NACAC Assembly
  • Maintain regular communication with President


Estimated Time Commitment for an At-Large Delegate to the PACAC Executive Committee:

Executive Committee Meetings  [4 days per year]
NACAC Conference  [4 days per year]
PACAC Conference  [4 days per year]
Governance Nominating Committee  [1 day per year]
Standing committee meetings  [4 days per year]
Planning and preparation  [3 days per year]