Temporary PACAC Office Changes
May 10 to August 10

Your emails and phone calls are important to us! 
The main email account ([email protected]) and phone number (570-472-2710) will be monitored.  
Many volunteers / board members are helping out while our Executive Assistant is on Maternity Leave.

We suggest emailing your inquiry to the appropriate committee chair, program coordinator, or officer directly by using the addresses below:

College Fairs - Liz Frosini - [email protected]

Communications / The PACER - Michelle O'Donnell - [email protected]

Conference - Brittany Grason - [email protected]

Advocacy Leadership Credential / College Access Forum - Dave DeBor - [email protected]

Membership - Meg Ryan - [email protected]

Nominations / Bylaws - Mary Smith - g[email protected]

Online Workshops - Catherine Souza - [email protected]

Empowering Women - Krista Evans - [email protected]

Summer Institute - Ian Harkness - [email protected]

Virtual Camp College - Mike Dunn - [email protected]

Website - Corinne Logan - [email protected]

President - Jeremy Branch - [email protected]

Other contact information can be found at https://pacac.memberclicks.net/about-us
Thank you for your patience and loyal support!